Fumigation, Phytosanitary Certificate

We help you acquire your Fumigation, Phytosanitary Certificate, a necessity for the exporting/importing of a number of products. This ensures that the cargo has be looked over by certain authorities and do not pose any medical risk or contain injurious pests as per the norms of the importing country. Our knowledge and expertise in this service sector allow us to help you efficiently and at low cost. We will guide you through the formalities as per the respective legislation required.

Arranging Inspection through SGS, Geo-Chem etc.

By availing of this service, you save the trouble of having to constantly check on the inspection of the cargo. We share professional relationships with a number of customs agents worldwide; ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of your goods. We help our esteemed clients through the SGS/GeoChem/equivalent inspection process that is carried out at ports. This is required for the cargo to be approved so as to allow transportation of the goods.

Logging of Advance License & Exim Consultancy

Our services cover the logging of licenses (import and export) in advance and EXIM consultancy. Our team of professionals works with each individual client in order to supply them with the best possible service given their situation. Great effort is put into understanding your requirements and wants. We ensure that you have less to worry about by managing all the paperwork and allowing for the timely processing of formalities.

Certificate of Origin & Legalization of documents through Consulates

This document is essential for the transport of any product across countries. That is to say, no cargo can be imported/exported for the Certificate of Origin and it is mandatory for certain food items in some countries. We offer our expertise for clients who require this certification, and utilize our vast experience in this domain to assist with the legalization of documents.

Palletization / Fumigation

Our services allow for low cost palletizing and fumigation services, ensuring low risk transport of your products. The palletizing services guarantee safe unloading and loading of cargo. The fumigation services protect from pest damage during transportation.

Feel free to inform us of special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Export Import Consultancy

We provide the following services by associating with a number of govt. departments and consultancy; Advance & Adhoc Authorizations, Negative Licence, IEM, etc, 3% (EPCG) Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme, Import Export Code Number (IEC), Compliance of Laws under the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009, Fixation / Ratification of SION Norms from DGFT, New Delhi, 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU), Compliance of Foreign Trade Policy Laws 2004-2009, Duty Free Import Authorization, Served From India Scheme and Representing Enforcement cases.

Consolidation & Groupage

We provide this service for cargo that isnt large enough to fill a container, and thus can be availed using our Consolidation & Groupage solutions. We can customize your shipment to reach any port in the world, regardless of the size.

Sourcing Agents / Buying Agents

Our expertise has allowed us the ability to interact directly with a number of manufactures and we now offer this service of connecting you to this network. We will help you arrange a meeting with possible suppliers, manufacturers, co-coordinators and help with consolidation, quality assurance, etc.

We hope to lower your risk in any way possible through this process. Additionally, we are known for our spectacular customer service and dedication to satisfaction.








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